Email Blast - October 5th, 2020


To the Residents of Briar Chapel,

Newland and ONSWC are requesting a continuance for their presentation on the Briar Chapel WW treatment system at tonight’s Chatham County Board of Commissioners (CCBOC) meeting.

On Thursday evening we were contacted by the BCCA and asked to meet. At that meeting, we were informed that over the last few weeks the BCCA, Newland and ONSWC have been in negotiations regarding the final plat approval and Briar Chapel’s WW treatment system issues. This was the first that StopChathamNorth had been informed of this.

Since that time, we have had a number of meetings to get agreement for a continuance to allow StopChathamNorth, who represents the residents of Briar Chapel. We feel it is critical that the residents have a voice in these negotiations.

We’ve received confirmation that Newland and ONSWC will be requesting a continuation to move their presentations originally planned for tonight’s Chatham County Board of Commissioners (CCBOC) meeting to the CCBOC meeting on October 19th. Our attorney, Dwight Allen, will participate to announce our support of the continuance. As a result, we have cancelled our plans for providing Public Input tonight as well. We also expect that the final plat approvals for Phase 13 section 3 (59 homes off Great Ridge Parkway and Phase 14 (89 townhomes off Catullo) will still come before the CCBOC at their October 19th meeting.

We will keep you informed before the next meeting on how to sign up and how best to participate in this process.



Mission Statement

StopChathamNorth is an unincorporated non-profit association representing concerned homeowners within Briar Chapel. StopChathamNorth does NOT support a regional wastewater treatment plant within the residential community of Briar Chapel. We are aware that there are several new communities surrounding Briar Chapel that are planning to utilize our WWTP, in addition to the current proposal to add Fearrington Village to our WWTP. We are opposed to all of these plans to expand Briar Chapel’s WWTP for uses outside of the Briar Chapel residential community. We also believe that the WWTP and ONSWC must be fully compliant with all governance and regulatory guidelines to ensure operations do not create a nuisance, unhealthy or hazardous conditions for Briar Chapel residents.

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