Email Blast - February 21st 2020


To the Residents of Briar Chapel,

It’s been a busy week and there are a number of updates and information that we’d like to share.

Full Court Press – Contact Envirolink

Thank you for documenting your complaints to Envirolink. To date, we have been copied on 45 complaints, including: 38 complaints for odors, 4 construction complaints, 2 general complaints and 1 spill. While we regret that our residents are experiencing these issues, we believe this documentation will make a difference.

It’s important to document any concerns or complaints that you personally experience with the Briar Chapel wastewater management system (odor, runoff, spills, spray effluent pooling) by writing to Envirolink. Just a simple email works, phone calls do not provide the necessary documentation. We know that many of you have stopped calling because the response you have received from Envirolink in the past has been inadequate, but it is imperative that we continue this effort and build a record of your complaints. We also know that you experience some of these conditions over and over (i.e., odor) but again it is important to document these concerns each time you experience them.

When you have a complaint, Envirolink asks that you call their customer service number 252-235-4900. To make sure your complaint is documented, we ask that you email your concern to and copy (cc) us at Your concern will only be tracked if you send the email.

Attorney Update

The Engagement Letter has been signed with Mr. Dwight Allen of Allen Law Firm. We have provided Mr. Allen with a large stack of documents and information relevant to our case. Mr. Allen is currently drafting a Petition to Intervene on behalf of STOPCHATHAMNORTH, concerned residents of Briar Chapel. Mr. Allen has requested to meet with the HOA Board’s attorney, Mr. Nick Herman, to coordinate intervention on behalf of BC residents and BCCA.

Meetings of Note

This week we reached out to a number of organizations, groups and individuals that we felt could be supportive of our mission:

· Valerie Foushee – NC State Senator – she was very well informed about the WWTP in Briar Chapel and concerned with not only what is happening here but the potential precedent that may be set statewide (regional WWTP in a densely populated area for the benefit of the developers at the expense of the homeowners). She has agreed to send a letter on our behalf to the NCUC. While she was here, she took a tour of the WWTP vicinity and got firsthand experience with the horrible odors from the plant.

· Representative from the Fearrington Village HOA BOD – We shared information on the many issues facing Briar Chapel residents, issues that could easily become challenges in the Fearrington Village development. We agreed this “deal” between Fearrington and ONSWC is for the benefit of Mr. Fitch (developer of Fearrington) and Newland and doesn’t necessarily represent what is in the best interest of the homeowners of these two developers.

· Jason Sullivan – Director of the Chatham County Planning Board – Discussed pending and future development proposals (residential and commercial) that are proposing the use of Briar Chapel’s WWTP. Jason confirmed that the following development/plans are in various stages and are all either using Briar Chapel’s WWTP or plan to use Briar Chapel’s WWTP. The following developments/plans are at various stages of decision-making:

o CCCC Health Sciences – Approved by CCBOC and NCDEQ, construction complete.

o Willow Oak Montessori – Approved by CCBOC and NCDEQ, under construction.

o Fearrington Village - Easement waiver approved by CCBOC, pending decision by NCUC.

o Durham FarmsConcept plan has been submitted to CC Planning Board. Residential development with 102 homes located next to Woods Charter School. Developer – The Legion Company owned by Lee Bowman.

o Williams Corner – Application submitted to CC Planning Board, has not yet been scanned and posted on CC Planning Board website. Includes large apartment complex and commercial development on corner of Lystra and 15/501. Developer – Bold Development Group.

o Vickers-Bennett – Development project with combination of single family homes and commercial located by Jack Bennett Road and 15/501. Discussion only at this point.

· Durham Farms – The Legion Company – SCN attended a meeting where The Legion Company presented their concept plan to surrounding neighbors on the proposed new development. Plans include 102 homes in a conservation community and wastewater treatment using Briar Chapel’s WWTP with an easement running up to Cardinal Ridge.

· BCCA Town Hall Meeting

· BCCA HOA Board Meeting

In the coming week we have meetings planned with:

· Ann Lowry – Chatham County Director of Environmental Health

There is an upcoming CC Planning Board meeting on Tuesday, March 3rd and a CC Board of Commissioners meeting on Monday, March 16th. We believe one or both of these meetings may be discussing Williams Corner, Vickers-Bennett or Durham Farms. We will be keeping an eye on the agendas and when they are posted will notify Briar Chapel residents.


Chatham News + Records has run an excellent series of articles on the Briar Chapel WWTP issues we’ve been experiencing. Here’s the link to their last article in the series, published on 2/21/2020:,4666

The Daily Tarheel has also published an article on 2/21/2020 explaining our situation:

If you are approached by media regarding this issue, please refer them to Rusty Field, who is handling all of our media inquiries. He can be reached at:


Total contributions to date (as of 2/20/2020): $27,512.36

Total number of contributors: 296

We’d like to thank everyone who has already donated towards the cost of legal representation. We have funded the retainer for the attorney and are working towards sufficient funds to cover us for the NC Utilities Commission Evidentiary Hearing through to final decision. If you haven’t had a chance to make a donation yet, please consider doing this. We’ve had questions from many of you asking for help in determining a suggested donation. We want people to contribute what they can, but a minimum of $100 will greatly help in paving the way toward funding for the longer term.

You can donate via PayPal by using this link:

If you prefer not to use PayPal:

You can write a check to: STOPCHATHAMNORTH and mail it to: STOPCHATHAMNORTH in care of Terri Burrell, 78 Middleton Place, Chapel Hill, NC 27516 or simply drop the check at Terri’s house.

We are maintaining a full accounting of these funds and will return any unused funds to all homeowners who contribute on a prorated basis.

Thank you again for contributing. If we all work together, we have a better chance of achieving our goals.