Email Blast - February 8th 2020


To the Residents of Briar Chapel,

Here’s some important updates on the Briar Chapel waste water facility issue:

Attorney – Dwight Allen of Allen Law Office has been hired

We are pleased to announce that we have hired an attorney, Dwight Allen of the Allen Law Office, to represent the homeowners of Briar Chapel. A meeting was held with Mr. Allen this week providing him with a substantial amount of documentation that we have gathered on this issue. Mr. Allen met with our representatives here in Briar Chapel so that he could tour the area around the waste water treatment facility to see for himself some of the issues that we have been experiencing. In addition, Mr. Allen will be working with the Brough Law Firm, the HOA Board’s attorney on this issue.

Fundraising Update

Total contributions to date (as of 2/5/2020): $23,513.86

Total number of contributors: 262

Response from ONS from our concerns voiced at the NCUC Public Hearing

Old North State has filed their formal response to the issues that were raised by the Briar Chapel HOA Board and homeowners at the Jan. 14th NC Utilities Commission public hearing. The NCUC has a pending application from ONS: to establish a new company ONS-Chatham North, to connect the BC waste water facility to the Fearrington waste water facility and other nearby developments, and to expand capacity of the Briar Chapel waste water facility to 1M gallons/day. A motion to delay has postponed this decision giving us time to retain legal counsel and prepare for this hearing. The hearing has not yet been rescheduled.

Full Court Press – Contact Envirolink

It’s important to document any concerns or complaints that you experience with the BC waste water management system. PLEASE report these conditions (odor, runoff, spills, spray effluent pooling, etc.) to Envirolink (ONSWC) in writing. Just a simple email is adequate. Phone calls do not provide the necessary documentation. We know that many of you don’t call because the response you have received from Envirolink in the past has been inadequate at best and nothing ever changes, but it is imperative that we continue this effort. We also know that you experience the same conditions over and over (odor) but again it is important to document these concerns every time you experience them.

We would like to track these complaints so we ask that you email the concern or complaint to and copy (CC) us at .

Upcoming Meetings of Note

· Chatham County Commissioners Meeting, Monday, February 17th at 6:00pm in Pittsboro Historic Courthouse – agenda is not yet available, we’ll keep you posted if there are agenda items that are related to Briar Chapel’s waste water facility

· Briar Chapel HOA Board Meeting, Wednesday, February 19th at 7pm in the Briar Chapel Clubhouse.

· Chatham County Planning Board Meeting, Tuesday, March 3rd at 6:30pm in the Agriculture building at 65 E. Chatham Street in Pittsboro. Agenda is not yet available, but we expect it will include a proposal for Durham Farms development (adjacent to Woods Charter) which includes sewage going to ONS in BC.

Briar Chapel in the News

We’ve included links to two relevant articles (below), posted in the “Chatham News & Record” on the current issues with Envirolink/Old North State (the most recent article was posted today):

Article posted on 10/4/2019

Article posted on 2/7/2020:


Some of you may be approached by media regarding the issues we are having with Old North State Water Company. To help manage this communication, we have a member of the StopChathamNorth Task Force who is in charge of media inquiries, Rusty Field. We would greatly appreciate referring any media inquiries to Rusty. Please email him:

We appreciate your efforts and cooperation in working with us on this initiative. It will take all of us to make a difference!